26 thoughts on “More Vin Abrenica”

    1. You should see him in person. Vin has that x-factor for male. Very personable, handsome face and artista body. He may not be really photogenic. And as a neighbor, he is really kind, he greets people, he smiles.

  1. Dadagsa na naman ang mga Vin haters dito. Kebs. For me, siya pinakamasarap sa Abrenica brothers. LOL.

  2. Oh, he looks like Justin Bieber now. 🙂
    Ganyan lang. Simple poses & backdrops/grounds. Light & shadow.

  3. Vin is hot and sexy if he has nude scandal like Daddy Blake boys. But now, Vic Fabe and Daddy Blake boys are far hotter and sexier than him.

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