17 thoughts on “Ohh Derrick!”

    1. P’re, ano ba talaga, po?

      As per @ Anonymous (below), dak-u daw.


      Why are we getting conflicting accounts?! Or, is this simply a case of ‘what-is-small-to-one-might-be-huge-to-others’?

      1. You need to study Psychology so you will understand individual differences. Saka nasusuka ako sa pagtawag mo ng pre sakin, wag ganun mga bakla tayo dito wag magpilit na mhin.

  1. Even if he distorts his face he is really still good looking! And that cute bulge down there….

  2. that baby face and the hunky dad bod.

    ugh. sarap ni king derrick! aaraw-arawin ko talaga.

  3. Hello, Admin. Again, OT at eniwey on the way out na ‘to’ng Side…

    Nakita mo na ‘yun’g latest post sa sibling blog re MHIntl., no? Why not convince this boy to give it a try? Matangkad naman & anyway modelling pageant lang. Of course, it will mean his TV network & the organization will have to agree on an arrangement of some sort. Pero knowing you, kaya’ng-kaya mo i-broker… 🙂

    But if actual pageant veterans are required, I recommend either of two semifinalists from MoF 2019. One was ‘Malasiqui, Pangasinan’; the other was ‘Iligan City’ (& namesake to a recent Main Post). Fyig.

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