22 thoughts on “Pride: Markki Stroem”

        1. Ate Jolens, you know him more. You know that Tito Marvs is very straight, straight as as an arrow. Take care Ate.

      1. Wag na po natin intriguehin si Tito Marvs. He is straight. He just loves to cook po, if you want, I will give you food that he prepares for all of us. He is a good chef and restaurateur.

    1. Huuuyyy, hindi sila nagkarelationship ni Tito Marvs. They maybe friends but I don’t see them together. Tito Marvs ia busy man and straight as an arrow. He cooks very well and cooks to feed us all and his clients.

        1. Hello ate Aurra! We don’t want kasi Tito Marvs cooking ability be derailed. He really cooks best. But by the way, is that how Markki Stroem looks, he is handsome pala, is he homesexual?

          1. I don’t know. Only your Tito Marvs can answer that. No question naman sa cooking ability niya, I’m just curious sa relationship nila ni Markki

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