12 thoughts on “Ricky Gumera in Anak ng Macho Dancer”

  1. Oh ehm Momsh RD!!! Puhrang I can’t wait na po to see that movie!!! I just love my Baby Ricky Gumera!!! Puhrang him, so yummy and fresh!!! Thanks po Momsh!!! Hihi!!!

  2. I believe he is a good person, very humble, no pretentions, he admits they resides on a squatter area til now, extreme poverty but fought his will to survive, get his way to finish education and work for himself and family even during his minor age.

  3. Hmph I messaged him eh puhrung di sha interesadi saken coz he said na puhrung malisyosang froglet akoh…huhuhu…hihihi

    1. Baks tama na.tigil mo na ang pagdo droga walang maidudulot na buti sa ktawan yan at tuluyan kng mababaliw.ayan nga me sign of mentally deranged ka na🤣

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