13 thoughts on “Rough and Tumble with Kristoff Garcia”

  1. There is something with guys with small nips…I prefer nips like those of Carlo Galano’s…suck on it from twilight to daybreak! But this Kristoff sure is good looking though

  2. what i really like about kristoff is that he is generous enough to shed some skin. he has the looks. it is still uncertain if this kind of branding will have longevity, but i am living for his sex-positive era.

    thankful for vivamax for exploring these kinds of movies/genre. we can enjoy (and lust) over art without the hypocritical censorship from MTRCB.

  3. If he’s gay, no problem; he’s a hot gay. He is handsome and looks manly and more appealing than Markki.

  4. Admin, dear. Good morning! OT & favor… 🙂

    Could you ask ‘yun’g Admin sa sibling blog na mag-post about MU/MUP soon? Kasi, something in cyberspace is pushing to make a case for a North Asian country to (finally) win MU… Harassment is what I feel I am getting from it. Du’n ko ide-deposito ‘veleno’ ko. Thx!

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