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Stay at Home: Vin Abrenica

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  1. Oh ehm Fairy Momsh RD!!! Puhrang you heard my wishes and made them come true po. Super lungkot ko kasi di ako makalande pehroh seeing this hot pics of baby Vin just made my day! Puhrang Vin is really the hottest and handsomest guy on the planet! Super yummerz!!! Thanks po Momsh Rd! Hihi…

    1. Seriously, RD??? You aren’t willing to block this annoying person’s comments from being posted? You’re playing favorites kase though salamat na you’re preventing the others we’ve mentioned from ever getting their comments posted, yung mga umaatake dito sa Lande nato pansin namin wala na. Maybe you’re blocking the wrong people when it should be this person.

      1. Seriously teh, ikaw yung umaatake kay Lande dati pa! Obsessed ka na nga! Ibang tactics ka naman ngayun. Lol. Yung “umaatake” kay lande dapat lang maban dito dahil below the belt ang mga banat nya. Parang ikaw, masama ang ugali. Wala naman ginagawa na masama si Lande kungdi mag post dito, di ka nya inaano, ikaw tong nambabash at affected masyado! Grow up! Sana ikaw din iblock ni RD dahil basher ka!

      2. Puhrang yah seriously need help po. You’re like a deranged fan na po eh, so creepy. Pehroh naaawa din po ako sa yo kase todo effort ka to bring me down, masyado ka affected by me. Puhrang pa lang yan ha, I can invent more catch phrases for you po… you bet yah I will!!!

        1. Excuse me weirdo! For the longest time I’ve just been a silent observer here with the occasional comments here and there. But now your annoying comments are becoming so prevalent that I wonder why RD doesn’t prevent your comments from being posted. “FAN”? You wish.

          1. Haha, puhrang you’re so pathetic na talaga, lahat na lang poh binintang mo po sa akin. Yung nanggagaya sa mga posters dito puhra kunwari pinagtatanggol ako e kahagawan mo lahat. Haist. Sooo obsessed ka na po talaga sa akin. Lahat tinry mo na pehroh you just can’t bring me down po talaga. Whatever poh, I am here to stay!

            1. RD we’re not demanding but actually pleading that before you click on whatever button that allows comments to posted to at least review them first. This ANNOYING FILTH should go the way of all the other annoying TRASH that have long since disappeared. Remember, this FILTH called Lande would just use other names like that of ITS bashers so as to irk us.

              Try banning ITS comments for a month and you’ll be seeing far better ones than THIS THING! Before accepting that ITS comments be posted, read the contents first since IT’s trying to mask ITSELF.

          1. Why do I feel that you are all behind this, di kaya ikaw din si lande? All along you want this attention kaya you bash your own posts? If that is, then you are crazy!!! Just go ahead and be lande, nakakaaliw ka na as lande. No need to bash yourself for attention. Stop this na and just be yourself lande.

    1. No, not Tim Yap. Ang blind item eh nai-book s’ya ng beking businessman under the false pretense na ipu-produce sya ng movie pero nag-check in lang pala sila sa isang hotel sa Timog. Syempre paid ang talent fee ni Vin at nagtilam-tilam si vuckluh.

  2. Personally, I like him better than the brother – ang HOT niya. Dapat lang mag sexy na all the way bago truly malaos.

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