15 thoughts on “Vin Abrenica Improving”

  1. I really do see anything uappealing about this boy. He simply oozes with charm and sex appeal. His looks are unconventional and uniquely his. Let’s celebrate beauty in whatever form it comes. Love you Vin! Thank you for sharing your beauty and manliness with us!

  2. Oh ehm gee Momsh RD!!! Puhrang he looks like a Disney Prince na poh! Pehroh with ooooozing sex appeal poh!!! Make me your puhreety princess my Prince Vin… Hihi…

    1. robin padilla, daniel padilla, dingdong dantes, vic sotto, vice ganda, eddie garcia, chiquito, empoy, jimmy santos.. lahat sila artista. ano ba ang pagkaintindi mo sa pagiging artista?

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