31 thoughts on “Whois: Dutch Weaver”

    1. He looks imperfectly beautiful with his teeth…why do we always need to change something to what we have always think is beautiful?

  1. He is definitely Filipino because he is cut but it doesn’t mean I like it. I like most the uncut Filipino boys. Kindly post uncut Filipino boys, please. Make sure he is full-blood Filipino (no foreign blood at all).

    1. Those uncut Filipino boys wonโ€™t blow their cover by having their dicks photographed. That would be too embarrassing. Iโ€™ve had uncut Filipinos myself because I searched high and low for them and promised not to expose their uncut status.

    1. this is so true. galit mga bading sa mga lalo na sa mga homophobic na lalake pero laganap din ang homophobia kahit mismo sa mga bakla. pinakamasama pa, pinas lang ganto mga bakla. uso pa rin kasi dito ung utak baklang parlor.

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