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Yasser Marta Manly

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  1. I love the new eat bulaga. Mas gugustuhin ko namang eto ang makita ko kesa kay Joey na pedo noh.

  2. Lucky @ Anonymous (in the ‘Shirtless Martin del Rosario’ post, at 1216 AM) for being granted the request!.. 🙂

    ‘Buti, pa, si Prinsipe Zardoz. Yasser – here – was an Arab man in the ‘Lihim ni Urduja’ recent TV series. Admin, what bigger role can we expect for Mr. Marta? And when?

  3. Pa kalbo ito Or super short hair para mas mag mukhang manly or brusko, sa buhok niya kaya cguro hindi sumisikat, his hairdo seems a curse.

  4. May kilala ako dating umaarte sa ABS macho dancer sya, maliit ang height pero ang haba at ang laki ng kargada.

  5. Hindi bagay sa kanya love team or heartthrob roles, dapat sexy or contra bida or off beat characters kaya walang progress career eh, Ano ba sparkles.

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