It was his 27th birthday yesterday (August 1), so his balls get an Appreciation Post today. Derrick Monasterio is undoubtedly one of the hottest showbiz boys these days with his physical traits enhanced to a T. This Bench Body picture was published a few months ago, but a closeup shot is always better. We need more, shall we see more?

Lust Luis

It’s been a while, and we missed Luis Hontiveros and his, uh, sexy antics. It’s a bit grainy but we take what we can get: Luis is all his manspreading glory in Bench Body undies, of course. This may never see the light of a mall store display, so stare in awe. He’s ready and he’s fit, what more can we ask for in this photo that reeks of boyhood funky junk?

Big Dick Energy

The energy speaks for itself. Derrick Monasterio has a colossal phallus, or at least, we tend to believe he has that most desirable physical quality via the Bench Body ads of late. I can almost smell the photo, that heady smell of testosterone and everything male wrapped in a tiny piece of white lycra-cotton cloth called Bench/Body. Can you?

Laziz Fair

The newest Bench/Body model is an Uzbek! Laziz Rustamov, who has been in the Philippines for more than four years already is gracing the underwear company with his body and bulge. I can’t decide if he’s cute or sexy or both. One thing’s for sure, this model is determined to make his mark in showbiz after his PBB stint. Watch out for this dude!

Dingy Dingle David

There’s something about boys in tighty whities and white socks. Like a tall, fit Catholic college boy. Naughty but casually calm and relaxed. He would let you suck his dick “if you don’t tell anyone.” That kind of boy! But I digress. David Licauco’s been on a roll lately for Bench. It seems like he’s still one of the favorites of the underwear company owner.

Perky Jerky

The Titillating Trio is back, and they have a video over at the Bench social media sites! Of course, I know your preferences: Derrick over David over Paul, but I’d take all three, if you ask me. The threesome package consists of a hunk, twunk, and twink. It’s a merry lot. Not bad, eh?