Finally, Luis Hontiveros gets to express his erotic side away from the self-made videos into the digital film realm. He’s starring in a new film called Palitan, which called for sexy scenes in most parts. Of course, we won’t see him wanking anymore, but maybe this is a good movie. You know, showcase his acting and all those stuff.

Captain Argel

Argel Saycon, who had his 15 minutes of relative fame via Pinoy Big Brother, makes his social media appearance yet again in undies. He’s not new to this, as he came from the bikini open stage before reality tv beckoned. A little refinement here and there, and voila! Do you think he can be the next Bench Body endorser?

Body Positivity

He may not fit the mold of the typical underwear model of yore, but Ejay Falcon’s slaying the endorsement for Natasha Philippines with his undergarments photos. We celebrate all kinds of bodies (and dicks, of the good kind) in this site. Ejay may not have one of the very best of bods out there, but some things are working out just fine.