Big Dick Energy

The energy speaks for itself. Derrick Monasterio has a colossal phallus, or at least, we tend to believe he has that most desirable physical quality via the Bench Body ads of late. I can almost smell the photo, that heady smell of testosterone and everything male wrapped in a tiny piece of white lycra-cotton cloth called Bench/Body. Can you?

Massimo’s Member

Remember the dashingly-named Massimo Scofield who showed some stuff in the Vivamax flesh flick Silip sa Apoy a few months back? He’s back and it looks like it’s his dingdong gasping for outdoor air once again. The flappy member makes an appearance in the well, Vivamax-produced Island of Desire, where Massimo plays a beggar. He’ll clean up, and maybe there’s something there.

Who is AJ Oteyza?

A dick a day, keeps the blues away. This site won’t let some penis-flashing pass without getting featured here. Today, it’s bit player AJ Oteyza who keeps it firm and hard in the latest Vivamax flick, Moonlight Butterfly. He was last seen in Anak ng Macho Dancer, where he had daring scenes also. We need more of these frontal nudity segments, if you ask me.

Paul Revered

For the life of me (and this blog), I still don’t get it why Bench Body employs the services of Paul Andre Salas in its underwear ads, considering there are models and actors with better looks and bodies out there. (This is the part where you comment on the most likely and deserving models for the brand). But, it is what it is, there are images out and it is still travesty not to share. Here it is.


This could be Nico Fowler’s dick appearing in the the indie movie Sabado. It looks clean and promising and I would like to imagine it is the real deal. Nico, who’s a Canadian model in our midst, is making the transition to acting. He’s slated to appear in a new BL movie called Love at the End of the World where he’s expected to show more.