Aaaaand… Marco, Too!

Penshoppe is fielding it’s sexy weapon this summer also, ex-Bench/Body main guy Marco Gumabao. He’s giving us the bulge and that stare, ugh! The balmy season’s shaping up (no pun) just fine, with new images of our favorite boys – barely-clad dudes for the local underwear companies. Can’t wait for summer!

Getting a Kick Out of Kiko

I received a lot of requests lately for a Kiko Estrada post, and since there are no recent ones, here’s a Flashback Friday photo. Kiko was one of the Bench Body endorsers during better times, and he nailed this one. He comes from a long line of showbiz, uh, bold actors, with even his granddad reigning in the “pene” trend in the 80s.

Paolo Pen 15

Today is a good day: Paolo Gumabao’s daring new movie Lockdown is showing on the digital platforms. I think you should all watch and keep off the cheapskate path of bootlegs, if only to support the local movies during these hard times. Speaking of hard, Paolo gets to show his beautiful bod (and then some), with an experienced ensemble cast. Watch and buy tickets on UPSTREAM.PH, KTX.PH, IAMRAD.APP and WETV.VIP.