In the Flesh

First-tier actor Alden Richards is showing some skin in his latest outing for Mega magazine. It looks good from here, although I prefer the chunky, chubby Alden of yore. He’s shedding some clothes for the fandom, but he won’t wear briefs for photo shoots, though. So the pictures above would have to be the closest encounter with some sexy Alden. We’ll have to make do, of course.

The Expendables

Well Danny and Sammy still have the goods, right? Daniel Matsunaga (r) and Sam Ajdani maybe a bit older than the youngins and upstarts who love dropping trou, but the underwear companies still trust them with their bodies (and bulges). Avon adores Daniel, who has been with them for five years already. Sam was recently tapped by Hanford to lend a bulge to its current crop of endorsers. So there.