We’ve posted the official Bench/Body photo before, but this new unedited Derrick Monasterio picture is too good not to share. Maybe it’s one of those modesty cups with engraved penis, maybe it’s his. I can only speculate. And then again, this boy’s VPL image still makes for one good subject of raunchy fantasies. Right?


You’ve seen him before in an all-out performance in his amateur video, now, take a look at model and Man of the World Phils 2019 JP Ocat in a different artsy light. It’s sexy but tasty, and this member of Drag Race Philippines’s Pit Crew is giving us all the raw goods. I know you love bulges and all, and this one’s droll and delightful.

Pit Crew

By request, here are the Pit Crew guys of Drag Race Philippines! From left: JP Ocat, Dheyle Dizon, Ricardo de Jesus and Jaycee Sahagun. JP Ocat was Man of the World Phils 2018 and popular on Twitter now for his, uh, racy video. Dheyle Dizon was Mister Model Phils 2013 and a flight attendant. Ricardo de Jesus was a Mr. World Phils 2018 candidate. Jaycee Sahagun, born and raised in California, is a model and aspiring actor. Choose one.

Lust Luis

It’s been a while, and we missed Luis Hontiveros and his, uh, sexy antics. It’s a bit grainy but we take what we can get: Luis is all his manspreading glory in Bench Body undies, of course. This may never see the light of a mall store display, so stare in awe. He’s ready and he’s fit, what more can we ask for in this photo that reeks of boyhood funky junk?


While we’re on the topic of male pageants, here’s another Philippine rep who is making a mark (no pun) in the contest, Man of the World. Fil-Lebanese Nadim Elzein is rarin’ and daring in his swimwear shoot at the international finals currently being held on local shores. Will he make it? Will he get the Mr. Bulge special award?

Mister Mister

While I may never understand the appeal of male beauty pageants, these contests are great sources of men in various stages of undress for this site. Two sexy men were proclaimed as the winners over the weekend: Fil-Jordanian Raed Fernandez Zghayer (left) as Mr. Supranational-Phils, and Fil-German Kirk Bondad as Mr. World – Phils. Are they appealing enough?