Perky Jerky

The Titillating Trio is back, and they have a video over at the Bench social media sites! Of course, I know your preferences: Derrick over David over Paul, but I’d take all three, if you ask me. The threesome package consists of a hunk, twunk, and twink. It’s a merry lot. Not bad, eh?


This should be illegal as porn! Paul Andre Salas’s latest outing for Bench/Body is so good, you could almost smell the picture. It’s musky and soapy. The pleasant and arousing scent of a boy-man. It seems the underwear company is pushing the envelope a bit farther down the table, where competition is quite stiff (no pun) these days. Can’t wait for more summer photos of Bench!

Heads Up!

Remember that time in Bench/Body history when Tom Rodriguez’s picture came out and he had this long schlong line showing inside his pair of briefs? You can see that here. Well, five years later, it’s Paul Andre Salas’s turn to tickle and titillate our prurient thoughts with something that looks like his delish boy parts. Aren’t we thrilled enough?

Boy-Man Briefs

Of course, he is in Bench’s ad campaigns. This summer, Paul Andre Salas gets to be the more prominent model-in-briefs for the underwear brand, as his exposure for the Bench catalog spreads to a lot of digital pages. Paul, who is still trying to work out his leading-man status on tv and the movies, seems to be the ultimate go-to guy of Bench underwear, as he is in his comfortable element in dem briefs.

Paul Revered

For the life of me (and this blog), I still don’t get it why Bench Body employs the services of Paul Andre Salas in its underwear ads, considering there are models and actors with better looks and bodies out there. (This is the part where you comment on the most likely and deserving models for the brand). But, it is what it is, there are images out and it is still travesty not to share. Here it is.