Back! The Gomezes

These are the new kids on the block and they show a lot of promise. Promises. Top guy is Rob Gomez, who looks eerily similar to Gary Estrada of the 90s. That’s because he’s the nephew of Gary, and son to Gary’s sis Kate Gomez. He is the lead actor in A Guy and A Girl, currently showing on Upstream PH. Interestingly, the movie has lots of scenes with frontal nudity – including that of model Emilio Francisco Perez (and that’s another topic for the next post.)

The other guy is Marco Gomez, who is starring in Silab (shown on July 9 in the VivaMax channel). He was born in Vienna, Austria, but he is trying his showbiz career here now. It remains to be seen if there’s some frontal scenes, but the trailer did show some butt and lots of skin, and that is reason enough to go see the movie from 3:16 Media Network.