The hottest showbiz scene this week is that of Migs Almendras topping Marco Gomez in a sexy, sweaty daisy chain in the series High (School) on Sex. Of course, if it’s from Vivamax, it must be gooood. The two newbies play confused mates, and they make up for most of the cutesy gay portions of the series. Cutesy and more, actually.

Massimo’s Member

Remember the dashingly-named Massimo Scofield who showed some stuff in the Vivamax flesh flick Silip sa Apoy a few months back? He’s back and it looks like it’s his dingdong gasping for outdoor air once again. The flappy member makes an appearance in the well, Vivamax-produced Island of Desire, where Massimo plays a beggar. He’ll clean up, and maybe there’s something there.