It was his 27th birthday yesterday (August 1), so his balls get an Appreciation Post today. Derrick Monasterio is undoubtedly one of the hottest showbiz boys these days with his physical traits enhanced to a T. This Bench Body picture was published a few months ago, but a closeup shot is always better. We need more, shall we see more?


This should be illegal as porn! Paul Andre Salas’s latest outing for Bench/Body is so good, you could almost smell the picture. It’s musky and soapy. The pleasant and arousing scent of a boy-man. It seems the underwear company is pushing the envelope a bit farther down the table, where competition is quite stiff (no pun) these days. Can’t wait for more summer photos of Bench!

The Expendables

Well Danny and Sammy still have the goods, right? Daniel Matsunaga (r) and Sam Ajdani maybe a bit older than the youngins and upstarts who love dropping trou, but the underwear companies still trust them with their bodies (and bulges). Avon adores Daniel, who has been with them for five years already. Sam was recently tapped by Hanford to lend a bulge to its current crop of endorsers. So there.