Beach Boys

The boys with the best bodies in showbiz are undoubtedly Vin Abrenica and Derrick Monasterio. Motivation Monday’s post is all about them so that fat people can be inspired on their way to wellness and fitness. Or at least, we can gawk and gape at those fine lines and bumps and bulges. Whatever stimulates your salacious lot.

Birthday Boy

What time is it? Time to greet Vin Abrenica a hardiest birthday! This may be a bit late but it’s Vin’s birthday and it would be great travesty if we did not feature him here. He’s been all over this site ever since he suited up for the Hanford undies, and we loved those bulges ever since. Hoping he’ll be in his birthday suit soon!

Boys Briefly

Well, what can I do if these are the only boys dropping trou these days? Daniel Matsunaga still does it for Avon Men, while Vin Abrenica’s continues to feel beautiful in Hanford. There is always someone for everyone, and the boys are serving the fans some underwear bulge hotness here.

Like Wine (Vin)

The rogue gallery of boys-in-undies in this site would usually be Marco Gumabao, Mark McMahon, Daniel Matsunaga and this guy with the insane abs: Vin Abrenica. It has been slim pickings of late, and let’s feature Vin Abrenica again. He has his charms, the body’s insane and this time, he’s showing some hard evidence. Time to appreciate him more.

Boxer Briefs

Here are two of the most prolific underwear endorsers of late : Vin Abrenica for Hanford and Marco Gumabao for Penshoppe. They’re lording it over their respective brands, unlike Bench where the boys wrangle for attention and dear ole owner’s most sought-after attention. I am not going to ask about your preferred bulge, er, boy. No.