Rock Deejay

There must be something about Deejay Durano, who never seems to run out of projects inside the ABS-CBN studios. The former That’s Entertainment wallflower was last seen in a comedy movie [Ang Cute ng Ina Mo] and now he is in the cast of an ABS-CBN action series [Rounin]. The only thing [person] common in all his movies and gigs is the director, a very good friend indeed. I always thought Deejay Durano has gone to oblivion after That’s Entertainment. After struggling in getting movie projects [he was once handled by the simian manager, Nap Gutierrez who took the amateur photos below when Deejay was still younger, and fat], he went into band gigs as the lead vocals of the group Frontline. Not much came out of it, so this Cebu native disappeared for a while. Next thing we knew he surfaced in the mermaid series of ABS-CBN, Marina, in a vital role at that. Of course, the director was his good friend. From then on, his movie and TV career went bonkers [in a good way] as he was cast in minor yet exposure-plentitude roles. He also released an album containing Filipino songs, last year. And so here goes the story of a wannabee who has apparently soared past his contemporaries in that teen show, thanks to devotion, friendship, and interrelationship.

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  1. Mabuhay ka!! Sa wakas, na-confirm na rin ang open secret… Na sila talaga ni Direk Wenn Deramas. WENNer ka talaga, Direk. 10 years of hot, pumping sex with DJ.

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