Top 10 of 2022

It has been one Comeback Year for the boys of Philippines showbiz and entertainment! We were nourished visually by the usual suspects: Bench/Body, Hanford and Vivamax, with a smattering of Avon, MSE and Natasha. It was truly a good year, maybe a portent of better things (or men) to come in 2023. These are the top 10 stories of the year, based on page views and comments –

On the 10th spot, Sid Lucero and his beautiful penis made their enormous presence in the Vivamax re-telling of the 1985 classic Virgin Forest, as seen in the post Frontal and Center. Newbie and cutie Jovy Bequillo won the Man Hot Star contest, and he was gay fodder at No. 9. The Troika composed of Derrick Monasterio, David Licauco and Paul Salas posed in their Bench/Body undies for a spot on No. 8. Derrick Monasterio again took the 7th spot in the Swell! sidepost. Josef Elizalde got hot and rowdy in a Sex Scene! with his masseur in the Vivamax movie X-Deal 2 at No. 6.

Kirk Bondad was King Kirk over at the Bench headquarters, and he managed to land on No. 5. Of course, another Derrick Monasterio – undies, bulge and all – for spots at No. 4, Virility and No. 3, Big Stick Energy, all referring to his manly-man manhood. Handsome and wholesome Gab Lagman was convinced by Vivamax to disrobe and be a Bold Star for his scenes in Bula. The No. 1 spot went to top actor of the moment, Alden Richards in the Fallin’ for Alden post on the occasion of his 30th birthday. And that concludes our 2022 season.

27 thoughts on “Top 10 of 2022”

  1. RD, happy 2023!! I want to see Jovy with his bolitas but I agree that Derrick and Alden and Kirk are the hottest in 22. Also, big ball Inigo. Please feature certified biggie Bailey May and figure skater Michael Martinez who should try Mister International Ph

  2. Heard that gab was paid half a mil or even a mil to disrobe. He had a nice family trip to las vegas after the shooting wrapped up.

  3. Mamang, you DID provide a glimpse of Mhack Morales this year, didn’t you po?


    King David from No. 9, for me.

    Peaceful & prosperous blog ecosystem~universe for 2023!

  4. Luis Hontiveros dick exposure in Palitan deserves to be here! In fact, kahit walang dick exposure, LUIS HONTIVEROS DESERVES A SPOT!

    1. teh, I think yung rankings at kasama sa top 10 ay based sa number of comments nung post. So next time, mag-comment ka ng mag-comment pag may post kay Luis.

  5. I am seeing names of Vin and Luis H. Yes, I agree that those 2 hot hunks should be a part of this list. No complaints though about who made it (I desire Derrick, David and Jovy!)

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