Allstars: Laurence Chua

There’s a well-mannered chinito guy at Gold’s Gym [Makati] who goes by the name of Laurence Chua. If he looks familiar, this 25-year-old, 5’8″-tall guy recently appeared in the Aight! TVC for GlobeGenTxt with KC Concepcion. What I didn’t realize before was that he is part of the Philippines’ All-Stars, a group of young hip-hop dancers. Here’s a blurb from the group’s Myspace account: “Allstars is a Filipino-based dance group made up of 12 young and talented performers known for its authentic hiphop and RnB flava which combines different styles of urban grooves to its international status. The group puts breakdancing, pop lockin’, freestyling, krump, old school and new school in the mix. Each member contributes to the solid foundation thru their own inviduality and style. Allstars started as close knit friends coming from different backgrounds and was formed for the 4th World Hip Hop Championships held in Los Angeles, California where they placed 6th out of 26 other competing teams. Just recently, Allstars put Philippines on the map when they won the GOLD in the 2nd International Hip Hop Open D’Italia in Torino, Italy last June & the 5th World Hip Hop Championships in Redondo Beach, California last July 29, 2006. They continue and hope to positively improve the country’s standards in the entertainment industry by spreading their knowledge and awareness thru the art of dancing. Allstars are featured in many events, concerts, tours, TV guestings, commercials, music videos and print ads. ” Someone’s making us proud.

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  1. More please!!!

    Thanks for the pics and info on this man–really cute and I shall go google on his ass and see what else I can find!

    Thanks again!!!

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