Belo’s Latest Squeeze: Hayden Kho Jr.

Hayden de la Santa Kho Jr. is famous skin doctor Vicki Belo’s new love. Hayden is a physician [graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, where he is a campus figure together with another hot med cutie, Serge Ledesma], having passed the 2007 Physician Licensure examinations. In between medical school terms, Hayden [height: 6’2 1/2″] was a favorite model of J. Moreno, even bringing him to the US for his fashion shows.
As to the Belo-Kho affair, what struck me most from this January-December affair was that Belo [screen age: 50] claims Hayden is 24 years her junior. Pardon my math, but Hayden is only 26? Anybody from the UST Records Section?

7 thoughts on “Belo’s Latest Squeeze: Hayden Kho Jr.”

  1. Dra. Belo is telling the truth. Hayden is 26 y/o. He’s a friend of mine back in college. UST Medical Technology. Then he pursued medicine proper after graduation.

  2. i thought hes lyk turning 30..i was a freshmen then in ust frm d same college and bldg and he ws a junior, if i remember it ryt..

  3. you to all my dear fellowmen bloggers grabe wala akong paki alam kung ilan taon na siya basta para sa akin ang lakas ng sex appeal nya face palang, wala pa yung macho body nyan!sa picture,Hayden pwede ba tayo magkita one day?

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