First read on HMP: Johnron and Gabz to do a movie together!

Confirmed: Provoq men Johnron Tanada and Gabriel “Gabz” del Rosario are set to do a movie together with Viva Digital. The guys will topbill the road-trip feature entitled “Kambyo,” together with Kenjie Garcia [Ang Lihim ni Antonio]. Of course, the movie, which will start shooting any time soon, will again be directed by Jay Altarejos from the screenplay of Lex Bonife – the same tandem that magically created the daring flicks Ang Lalake sa Parola and Ang Lihim ni Antonio. It seems like Johnron‘s career is on the upswing these days. He is at present shooting that hush-hush light movie south of Manila with a Latin American actor. Gabz, on the other hand, recently came from the Santiago Bikini Open 2008 in Ilocos Sur, where he lost unfortunately. And as for Harry fans, there’s a movie coming up soon, too!

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  1. And another update, Justin de leon has a new soap opera where he will be playing a role as a police detective sidekick to Bangs Garcia in the new soap of Judy Ann Santos in Kapamilya Channel 2. Justin is also starring in a bodyguard role to Dina Bonnevie in Kapuso’s Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita..Niko Arellano is playing a bit villain role in Joaquin Bordado in Channel 2…Men of Provoq guys are evolving..Good luck to all…

  2. Thank you for the info. Anything about Johnron will certainly make may day! I’ll look forward for this movie which I hope will surpass what Harry and Justin had done in Parola. Thanks, keep us posted!!

  3. I think the only thing that matters to those who open this blog is whether the movie with Johnron, Gabz, and Kenjie will be gay, like maybe about two buddies who embark on a road trip maybe in search of some cool chicks but end up enjoying each other’s company exclusively — with some tender, physical, erotic moments, naturally. But if it is just a macho adventure, forget it na lang.

    And Anonymous (May 11, 2008 1:47 AM) seems to be in the know about casting. Movie scribe yata. But he got it wrong about Joaquin Bordado, though. The Robin Padilla teledrama is not on Channel 2 but on 7. Thanks for the other bits, though, Anonymous.

  4. S0rry anonymous may 12 2:51 am, Joaquin Bordado is in Channel 7 and not channel 2, just a slip of my fingers error…but it seems Justin de leon has the most number of projects these days..serious acting now..I am happy that these guys are evolving..Congrats Men of provoq!

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