Gossip Girl

Photo: Models Larry Bril [left] and Vince Canizares

BORACAY. Let’s see: Delish Ram Sagad was early at the Manila airport, waiting for his mates by the entrance, on a noon flight to Boracay. Turns out, he was in the company of Lance Howard, and the muscled aging queen, moneyed and with a repute for surrounding himself with male models from Manila. There’s the aging queen’s constant companion Bill Elizerio and the strapping entourage of G-Ford Lara, James Zablan, Jadel Lee, and a host of others, including girlfriends. They were met at the airport by a shirtless Andrew Wolff. At night on the island, a very-ripped Adrian Racho was working his cute litle ass off at the hip Marlboro booth by the beach. Carl Rosadino, looking bedraggled, roamed the beaten path with two queens – both dumpy and advanced in years. Over at Guilly’s [next to Club Paraw], Andrew Wolff was in a small group that included the reclusive Chris Nepomuceno, who took off his top to reveal angel wings henna-tattooed on his back. At the bar, JC Cuadrado – cute but not buff, not sexy – was talking intently with a pretty girl. Later, shirtless Andrew was seen giving a back rub to an appreciative Chris. And the alcohol started to work its way, I had to go home and sleep.

6 thoughts on “Gossip Girl”

  1. Ahihi…katakut-takot na kabaklaan at hadahan na naman ngayong Holy Week ang pupuno sa Boracay. Tsk tsk tsk! Swerte naman ng mga mayayamang vaklush na nakakapag-sponsor ng mga boylets for Boracay trip…talagang nabibili nila ang ligaya at tawag ng laman!

  2. Yup! The usual suspect IS always the most obvious – REY PAMARAN!

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if his entourage of boys (despite their gf’s)has had “experiences” with him or with some of his friends. After all, money speaks louder than words.

  3. Who is this “muscled queen” with “an entourage of boys”? Kawawa naman yung girls na pang-display ng mga boys para kunwari may gf’s sila. Or maybe gf’s nga yung iba, pero di alam nung girls, they are sharing their guys with somebody who holds the moneybags.

    Pero exaggeration naman siguro na ikumpara ang Bora sa Sodom and Gomorrah. Just because several desirable hunks in Manila descend upon this island paradise, with a benefactor, doesn’t make the place sin city.

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