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Johnron Tanada gets a bit chatty and makes clear to me that he only plays support in the two gay movies he is doing this month – the one being shot in San Pablo City this week, and the Viva-produced Kambyo in Vigan City next week. Nevertheless, he declares that he’s got meaty roles in both flicks, and I suddenly wonder about the meaty part. Of course, he gets to do frontal nudity scenes in both movies, he says with a straight face. Bahala na, is how he is putting it. What comforts him, he states, is the fact that he’ll be handled by good directors and that he is finally making movies where he gets to show off real acting. When asked about Provoq, Johnron’s face puts on a cute smile, and says they are busy with shows in town fiestas. How about Harry, I ask? Johnron wrinkles an eyebrow with an answer – Why are you always looking for Harry? Mataba na siya ngayon.

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  1. hmmm. so what does johnron’s comment on harry imply? that all’s not well between the two of them? wasn’t there a reported friction between justin de leon and harry during the filming of parola–or was that just a publicity stunt to promote the movie?
    anyway, i still think johnron’s the most magnetic among them. i just wish he’d limit his disrobing in front of the cameras because people may not take him seriously as an actor.(his “bahala na” attitude seems to betray desperation.) look at all the good-looking actors in the past who just kept on shedding their clothing–where are they now?!

  2. bakit di yata nabanngit mga titles ng movies na ginagawa nya??? kung support lang sya,sino mga bida????will wait for those films,specilly magpofrontal sya!!! panalo!!! hehehehe!!!

  3. OMG! Johnron doing frontal?! This is a must-see! I really like your blog RD! I make sure to visit it every night. Please post more pics of Johnron… Thank you!

  4. I disagree with the comment of “bahala na” na attitude of Johnron. I don’t think he agrees to disrobe on the screen just for the heck of it. He’s old enough to know and make the right decision for himself, besides there’s no point in comparison from the past. The success of an actor largely depends on who hadles his career and how professional he treats his job. Given the stiff competition and the lack of interest from the producers to venture into making movies these days any chance of getting one should be welcomed. Johnron has worked hard to have the body he has right now and I see no reason why he can’t flaunt it and be proud of himself or better yet use it to serve as a passport for his entering the crowded local showbusiness. Big actors like Christoper De Leon, Philip Salvador, Alan Paule, Mark Gil and many more have in the past disrobed in front of the camera. Justin De Leon in the present generation is slowly but surely inching his way to more serious roles and projects. As I have said, it is your professionalism and right connection that will spell the difference between success or failure.

    Way to go Johnron. Believe in yourself. You gotta do what you gotta do in the present environment. It is what it is, show them or forget about it. Supporting role or lead role, what should you care? Show your best and leave a lasting impression. Frontal nudity or gay role is not a big deal. It is widely accepted in many parts of the world. You will certainly make a lot of your fans happy and who knows you will be an exemption for those who did not make it inspite of.

    I’m your big fan. I have fallen in love the first time I laid my eyes on you. You are a beautiful person.

    Study acting seriously by getting yourself involved in acting workshops if you want to stay in this business.

    Thank you RD for the info. It is only here in your site that I get to know more about Johnron. It always brings smile to my face seeing him here and any new photos of him will be appreciated. More power to you and keep us posted, yes we, the thousands of Johnron fans.

  5. I thought Johnron left Provoq already as stated to some of RD’s posts..anyways, I think Johnron is the best looking & the hottest among the Provoq guys (but I really like Justin too) & whatever he comes out with I’ll definitely support it..

  6. And another update, Justin de leon has a new soap opera where he will be playing a role as a police detective sidekick to Bangs Garcia in the new soap of Judy Ann Santos in Kapamilya Channel 2. Justin is also starring in a bodyguard role to Dina Bonnevie in Kapuso’s Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita..Niko Arellano is playing a bit villain role in Joaquin Bordado in Channel 7…Men of Provoq guys are evolving..Good luck to all…

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