Local Zorro?

So the image above [from the bar formerly known as Lips] is the best I can come close to a representation of the subject – GMA-7 is reportedly doing a local version of Zorro and Richard Gutierrez is going to be the masked swordsman. This one’s confirmed because the teaser just came out during the holidays and Richard Gutierrez is seen as the black-clad master swordsman fighting in the scenic hills. Now, I wonder how this series will go because Zorro’s typical character is that of a hero living in the Spanish colonial era of California. I’m pretty sure the writers can skirt around the basic elements of the story and maybe readjust it to local settings. Or else Richard’s monster mom will throw a fit.

12 thoughts on “Local Zorro?”

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  2. there’s a lot of colonial and pre-colonial spanish themed town in the philippines and if not they could always shoot it abroad, go richard. Nice post RD!

  3. hindi maganda ang pagkakatuli ng titi niya hindi pantay…!!!
    tabingi ang pagkakatuli sa kanya…!!
    RDDANTES pls magpost ka naman ng pinoy na supot at erect…
    thank you…

  4. ANG PANGIT NG PICTURE MO DITO NICK….kilala ko xa kc nakita ko xa nag wowork sa mr.earth spa…at magaling xang mag service…..talagang all the way kng mag service

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