Sexy Xeno!

by: rddantes March 29, 2007 | 3 Comments |

One-name model and actor Xeno is 20 years old and was once signed as one of the Philippine models of Elite’s Men’s Division Modeling Agency. This 5’10” tall guy also appeared as a boxer in the flick Manny Pacquiao: The Movie and as a provincial lad in the gay movie Bilog.
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3 Comments on "Sexy Xeno!"

  1. Cachiva says:

    Thank you again for sharing the beauty of the Filipino. This guy is just so dark and sexy! I can’t put my finger on what makes him a cut above, but his look is so… smoldering!

    I really love your site, and know it must be a lot of work to keep updating it as frequently as you do. I also like the biographical data, as I would have no way of learning about these guys.

    Thanks again!!!


  2. Angel, Jr. says:

    Xeno was also in the San Miguel TV commercial of Manny Pacquiao and Kris Aquino. he also did Lucky me commercial before. He is now under the management of Men’s Division Talent & Model Management. You may visit

  3. yogurt says:

    seen his nude pic at uph at , what an ugly dick so dark and durrrrrrrrrrrrty je je jeje

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