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The 600: WTF! Another Piolo doppelgänger?

This is the 600th post. I didn’t realize I’ve been posting for quite a while until I saw the post counter earlier. Here’s another Piolo Pascual copy, but not actually spit and image. As to Piolo again, most of the comments here were all sympathetic towards the heartthrob. One reader summed it up, saying Piolo is the most successful actor of his generation and that he doesn’t deserve all the mud heaped against him.
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  1. rd, this is your 600th post? you mean, this is our 600th orgasm? congrats!

    this guy is excellent for a quickie, with his karug stretching down to forbidden territory. as your 600th offering, can you post the fifth photo of this guy (who is he?), showing him in all his phallic glory?

  2. kaya lang (sigh), i can’t have this guy for a quickie, unless RD drops hints where he can be reached…maybe he performs in some gay joint?

  3. my fervent congratulations on your 600th posting. you have acted generously as a bridge for us pinoys living away from home to continue liking our culture and making the phil. seems like a wink away. on lonely, cold nights i would click on my laptop and presto you are there with another fresh, warm posting for us to savour. keep up the good work rd and i shall continue patronizing your site. i would close with a word i seldom use but carries a lot of emotion and meaning – MABUHAY!

  4. The 600th? Why, it’s a feat. Congratulations. Maybe RD should edit a more mainstream gay magazine (if there is such a thing). Your writing is several notches above the run-of-the-mill and you have sophistication. You also exhibit some independence and good judgment, which are qualities of a good editor. You also seem to be everywhere, you know every event or personality in Manila which would interest the gay community, which is good for us who open this blog regularly. My only “complaint” is that there aren’t more pictures. Haay, I know you can’t please us all. Otherwise, thanks for entertaining this blogger EVERYDAY! Long live RDantes!

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