The Rains! [plus Kryven Lacson]

What is it about early-evening rain in July that is so depressing? Probably it is the lateness of the hour when the downpour starts. Probably it’s the ex’s birthday this weekend. Or my new shoes gone wringing-wet. Or being alone in the house, canceling dinner for some deadlines tomorrow. Whatever it is, it is such a formal feeling – dark, foreboding, and with some heebie-jeebies when the cold musky Makati draft comes my way. It is such a drag.

Here’s Kryven Lacson, who is just too glad “he took his coat off and stood in the rain ….. always crazy like that.”

One thought on “The Rains! [plus Kryven Lacson]”

  1. Kraven is such a highly hypocrite boy, like his peer, Harold Montano. You(Kraven Lacson) filing a case against that gayman, you are more lustful than that gayman when you file a case against him! I saw you about “Twilight Dancer” showing your cock from PBO!

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