There’s something about Christian Bautista’s singing…

… and it’s starting to bother me. I think it’s the nasal quality. I used to like his single The Way You Look At Me, which incidentally was a big hit in Malaysia and Indonesia. I’m such a sucker for sappy songs, but then again, Christian Bautista’s inflection seems to be coming from the nose these days. Just listen to his new singles. Not that I’m more than bothered, though. No, I’m not. [And what were you thinking, sir, posing like that for photog Frank Hoefsmit to promote Bench cologne?]

One thought on “There’s something about Christian Bautista’s singing…”

  1. they keep letting him sing in high register. but for all the tenor that this guy is, face it dude, upper register and falsetto all throughout a song doesn’t sound good.

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