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Tropical Bodies

Hmm, so these are tropical bodies? I recently got on my mail this picture from and I thought it will be worth reposting. These are the winners of the Tropical Bodies 2007 held at Lips Bar, the one near the MRT J. Ruiz station, along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City. I do not have any idea as to where these boys came from except the one in the middle who has been figuring lately in that bikini-or-none-at-all show of late. His name is Xavier Manahan, who seems cute. First runner-up’s name is Emmanuel Villa and 2nd runner-up is Ivan Maxwell. And before I forget, summer fashion will be gossamer and gauzy underwear, to flaunt one’s ready assets.
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  1. i think this is the same xavier who got first runner up sa isang contest of the same type in Bar Uno at timog- am i right?


  2. hey buddy sorry- hindi na capture ang image ni xavier- i guess posting IMG tags in comments does not allow it..can you just delete the tags please? thnks ..i do enjoy reading your posts…congrats and looks forwrad for more posts–

  3. he’s familiar. i think i saw him in a bar in pasay called solution. its a disco bar and they have also a gay bar downstair. my gosh …. i miss him there… does anyone knows where he is now?

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