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In the olden days, actors-of-the-moment Philip Salvador and Christopher de Leon [who were then in their 20’s] were reported to have been caught kissing by the poolside of a big Manila hotel. The two starred in the unforgettable Lino Brocka film, Cain at Abel, and somehow developed a friendship. Naturally, the tabloids and broadsheets at that time gorged on the story, for here were two handsome male actors apparently engaged in some lip-locking. Gossip columnists were in a frenzy in their Remingtons. However, the two male leads merely shrugged off the report and were even seen in public together, casually joking about the alleged incident. The story quickly died a natural death.

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  1. No, they didn’t shrug off the incident. Maybe Phillip did, but Christopher de Leon confirmed reports that one day, upon hearing that the offending tabloid writer was at the National Press Club, he quickly looked for him there with an arinola (or urinola). I don’t remember anymore the continuation of his story since it was so long ago. Tila nabuhusan yata niya ng laman ng arinola ‘yung gossip columnist. Or at least, he was able to confront him there. In any case, the writer has now gone to the great beyond, a casualty of AIDS, the only one in the movie press I know to have died of the dreaded disease.

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