WITWI Alain Sia

Where in the world is Alain Sia? In 1995, Alain Sia became a household name via the Close-Up toothpaste commercial. In less than a year’s stay in the Philippines, he landed major commercial projects and fashion shows. He became the resident print-ad model for Cinderella and was one of the seven featured male models in the Armani show in Manila. Eventually, he won in the 1995 Bodyshots contest. Alain Sia Verdier, who is half-French [father] and half-Filipino Chinese [mother] was born in Manila 36 years ago. When he was 6 years old, the family moved to Paris where he finished his Sociology course at the College Internationale de Bonnelles. During a visit to Manila, he was discovered by talent scouts and was soon cast in the classic toothpaste commercial. Before he left the Philippines, he did a movie called Burlesk Queen Ngayon, where he got to show some skin.

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