Former Bench/Body regular Emil Khodaverdi has also jumped ship and he is now modeling for another underwear brand. The model, athlete and personal trainer, of course, still has the goods to don dem undies. I can’t believe he escaped our risqué radar these past few months.  He’s here now, pulling off both the boy-next-door look and the naughty and wicked mug. Isn’t he adorable?

20 thoughts on “Bared”

    1. This Old Pretentious Salon operator with the strange spelling is active again. Feeling close kay Mod kahit di naman.

      1. Oh, yeah! Thank you for reminding me…

        Cannot be rattling off licensed content/info without citing references/sources. I saw it on the TV news. Channel 7.

        I should be more mindful this 2023.

        (I do not know this ‘Mod’.)

        1. ‘Mod’ – Moderator of this site, Old Pretentious Salon operator with the strange spelling.

          Just STFU, ok?

          o’k? Pla’ying dum’b?

    1. He’s too Rich and Decent to give a Fake & Pretentious Baknal like yourself the time of day.

      “Louie Viton”? LOL

        1. “did I misspelled” – HAHAHA

          “Rosanna sa Kaitaasansays:
          December 11, 2022 at 7:33 pm
          Hahaha you don’t know me. I finished a double degree in UP. Took my master’s in Paris and my doctorate in Oxford. How about you?” – HAHAHA

          “Rosanna sa Kaitaasansays:
          December 17, 2022 at 3:33 pm
          Oh em gee. Pwede kong isabit ang aking channel, louie viton pati secosana bags. Wow!” – HAHAHA

          “Rosanna sa Kaitaasansays:
          December 19, 2022 at 6:27 pm
          Di ba pwedeng typo lang” – HAHAHA

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wrong spelling ang nagpapanggap na UP passer kuno, baklang kanal!

  1. 🍄🍄🍄

    Dear RDDANTES fans,

    Halluer mga acla!

    Ganyang katawan ang masarap i edge habang nakatali sa kama.

    Ang sarap niya i edge ng isang oras.
    Kikilitiin ko ulo ng titi niya hanggang tumirik ang mata niya sa kiliti at sarap na madarama.

    I thank you

    Acla. Apollo Jay “Joko” Robles


    1. I don’t know why this mediocre tabloid reporter/writer keeps pushing his lame fictional tales? They’re not even the least bit arousing.

      Magtrabaho ka lang sa parlor pero I bet pati pagiging parlorista dika rin mahihire.

      1. Dear Acla, ❤️❤️

        Sa Funeral Parlor ako ang aking hanapbuhay.

        Acla. Apollo Jay “Joko” Robles

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