Big Winner


Someone requested for Hendrix “Jimboy” Martin‘s sexy photo and I had to look him up. Should I know him? Yes, because he’s apparently the winner in the Teen Big Brother in this fading franchise at ABS-CBN. I don’t have anything much to say about the kid (18 yo), who, once upon a time, entered a bikini contest in his Calvins.  You’re welcome.

38 thoughts on “Big Winner”

  1. RD, wala ka ba pics nung kay Alden Richards nung sumali sya sa Ginoong Laguna? Me bikini pics ata sya noon and parang nawala na sa internet ung pics. Lol.

  2. Is this really him? For sure nahada na din sya during those times..and during the times na namamasada sya tricycle.

  3. he badly needs more gym time in this photo. maybe that bulge has gone bigger now that he’s a little bit older. well, that bulge has to be shared to us if he wants to get sikat.

  4. may ibubuga rin pala itong si jimboy. he got the looks and the body but needs to go to gym to improve his body more.

    super crush siya ng friend ko.

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