Finally, Luis Hontiveros gets to express his erotic side away from the self-made videos into the digital film realm. He’s starring in a new film called Palitan, which called for sexy scenes in most parts. Of course, we won’t see him wanking anymore, but maybe this is a good movie. You know, showcase his acting and all those stuff.

17 thoughts on “Exposure”

  1. I need a lot of sexy scenes from him in Palitan. I’ll take whatever they give tho, as it is a welcoming start for sexy Luis.

  2. Well, here he looks like Mirco Basile, the Palawan-based Italian vlogger. Admin, do inform YouTube about this so you guys can… 🙂

  3. Short hair or bald hair fits him the most, hotter and younger tignan, sa long hair parang matandang bading……. o Luis wag ng mag-inarte this time ng bumulusok ang Career this 2022 huh, naka 3 jakol video ka na kaya huwag ng mahiya Or mag malinis…….

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