19 thoughts on “Paul Salacious”

  1. ‘Ay. Tama ‘yan, Admin. Painitin mo nga ng kaunti ang panahon at bugnaw kaayo dire recently.

    Gamay lang. We still want a little chill for cuddling in this bed weather.

    Albie, Derrick, & Paul. To the tune of the Weathergirls’ ‘It’s Raining Men’.

    “… Every specimen… Rip off the roof & stay in bed… Allelujah…”>

  2. Need pa magpa-borta….para talagang pang-power bottom twink yung peg niya kapag nagpo-pose siya ng topless/underwear…XD

  3. There is something “strange” or “alienistic” in Paul Andre that only adds up to his appeal. I can lick those pits and suck those luscious nipples for hours!

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