101 ways to wear a necktie [plus JC Cuyson]

The last time I saw photos of a naked man with a necktie was that of model-turned-designer Derick Hibaler way back in the late 90s. Back then, however, there were no little hairs or inner or outer groin parts peeking out. JC Cuyson, model above, is a part-time model and a student. He is a recent pinup boy of Valentino magazine. Too bad he is wearing one of those neckties reminiscent of the late 70s – shiny-satiny and light-colored polyester 3″ ties, and not the skinny and narrow 1.5″ ties today. It would have been a little less … say, conservative.

One thought on “101 ways to wear a necktie [plus JC Cuyson]”

  1. HI man!

    I discovered your blog and it is insanely hot! Would love to see lots more photos of male nude photography!

    Lotsa luv

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