Society Boy 1: Victor Consunji

Thirty-year old Victor Consunji is a well-known party and society boy. Lately, he has taken to fashion photography, capturing in stunning images the country’s top models and celebrities on his lenses. Victor is an engineer by profession with his own multi-million-peso construction company [his father is the 21st richest man in the Philippines]. Yet, his Vconsunji Construction is also into large-scale construction apart from the vast family empire in the same field. Despite his status, Victor Consunji is well-known for his gentlemanly ways and impeccable manners.

One thought on “Society Boy 1: Victor Consunji”

  1. nice pose but i guess he’s more gwapo in his globe ad in philstar.

    moreso, i just want to say congrats to him if he stays gentleman in spite of his status.

    btw, since u’re still going to edit this comment, can u ask permission from him if i can email him? if so, i’ll be asking for his e-add. thanks

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