Latest Valentino Magazine is Out!

The latest issue of the pioneering gay mag, Valentino, is now out! This is a worth-it buy, guys, because there’s less photoshopping in the pics. On the cover is the last Viva Hotmen member, Cedric Javier, with one peek-a-boo photo inside the packed pages. Incidentally, this is also the Anniversary Issue, so expect lots of ragazzi nudi like never-seen-before-photos of favorite twinkie boys Kaisan Lopez, Gabriel Fajardo, Jerwin Ellao, and lots more.

Twenty-three year old Cedric Javier stands 6′ tall and has been modeling part-time for the last couple of years after the Viva Hotmen disbanded. He was in the digital movies, Coed Scandal and Pinoy Kama Sutra, both as the, uh, naked guy.

22 thoughts on “Latest Valentino Magazine is Out!”

  1. No need to see the peek-a-boo cuz it’s not worth it aka minnessota. We even have a video of him jackin off.

  2. btw, in case you take him home, pls. watch your bag or expensive valuables cuz he has this track record of opening someone else’s properties…just a heads up for security reasons.

  3. You don’t need brains to figure out that there are some dissatisfied customers here. Is he really a lemon?

  4. cedric is a nice person and iknew him that well i knw he has a good sense of humor not only just the kind of things he do but d inner inside of him!!!!!!!tnx cedric

  5. Cedric is a nice person and i knw deep inside of him he hve a good potential evnthough he is doing an uhmm u knw what i mean bt hes the kind of person that very thoughtful and hve a good sense of humor NAGPAPAKATOTOO sya!

  6. a lemon indeed. to the guy who claims he know him well, i can say probably not that well because you believed what he wanted you to believe. the guy’s a con artist.

  7. hmmm….

    how much does he charge?
    is he really a con artist?

    natakot naman ako 🙂 kasi a friend told me he’s charging 5k

  8. He was asking 5K initially but he accepted 3K and it is still not worth the money… sorry for the post…MAKATI BOY.

  9. Answer to the first comment posted – Yes, I have his personal number. And about the real name, yes, that’s his real name.

  10. he is just being himself. i like him, he is grounded and realistic. but dont take his word for it, he is deceiving though. let him grow and learn his way out of showbiz. he is one of those struggling beings trying to make both ends meet. he may not be your lusty desire, but in toto, i give me a star for being what he is.

  11. sa mga galit na nakakakilala sa kanya,bat di nyo na lang i-post and number nya dito kung alam nyo. kesa sa mag press release pa kayo ng kung anik anik abt him.di rin naman kayo makkaganti sa knya kahit na anu pang worst comments i-post nyo dito noh!if u cant say anyth nice,shut up na lang di ba?

  12. yan si cedric years ago. not now. kase gamit na gamit na ng federacion. kaya nga ang baho baho ng nota na nya di ba mga ateh kaya pag kinuha mo sya madadala ka na at di ka na uulet. kaya nga di ba nagtayo na sya ng cedric bugaloo talent agency kase matumal na ang benta sa sarili nyang karne.

    o cedric ha di kita sinisiraan. agree mga ateh. he is not really worth sa price nya na 2k.

  13. sawsawan meaning like patis,toyo,suka,baggoong,asin? wow,buong gay world mukhang nahada na itetch? kawawa naman….

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