What’s with Cedric Javier?

The last post on Cedric Javier has generated many comments and emails from readers, mostly pointing out bitty proportions and money changing hands. Some even emailed his real name: Christopher Libunao, from Antipolo City. For whatever it’s [or he’s] worth, Cedric Javier sure deserved some second look, another close scrutiny at a gay man’s lust-have. Did he break hearts? Satisfy some fantasies? Or dissipate some energies [and funds] along the way? Was he worth it? I can only second-guess from all the emails and comments. Other victims, lovers, lunatics can come out now and speak.

23 thoughts on “What’s with Cedric Javier?”

  1. To the admin of UPH I have taken him before, that was two years ago, natikman ko na yan, di sya magaling sa kama promise, but he sucks for 3000 pesos! If you want to have his number I cam give it to you! Email me at rich_gaylover@yahoo.com

  2. Everybody loves a bad boy. Remember Madonna & Sean Penn, Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee, Brittney & K. Fed (sorry wala akong Pinoy i.e. kasi I am just getting back to the Pinoy showbiz mainstream or grassroots). The electricity generated is worth all the heartaches and headaches plus the constant trip to the ATM.

  3. i had him for fun, but i discovered he is worth being more than you pay for him. he can be a great friend if you want company. no he doesnt take advantage, he is an honest to goodness being. take him for what he is, that makes him peculiar among the rest

  4. saw this guy lately. maybe someone should call his attention coz he is gaining weight fast. cedric shape up will you

  5. dapat ke cedric balik showbiz. he still has the potential to become a big star someday. he’s a hardworker…….

  6. saw him in lobo….he is too plump on screen. maybe he needs to take xenical and go workout again. go the gym man and start all over again…you have a promising career ahead. dont get stucked………………………

  7. wanna get a copy of video of him with another guy? just let me know. its a bit pricey…….

  8. pag msyoba tlga iba amoy…khit nligo n kmi,lam nyo me anghit pa rin cya…kakasuka…di nga me nkatagal..paputolputol sex nmin kci nga amoy langis….

  9. wag na kayo magpantasya at iisa lang ang style nya, drama sa buhay, pagbabago, ek-ek chuva, at eto pa….maliit lang ang NOTA,matuk moh! i should know, na Get ko na sya noh, mahalia mende pa, kaya i know style nya 🙂 – MS CLAIM dela Fuente

  10. Iyong mga binubugaw naman niya hindi totoo. Hanapin mo hindi na niya mailabas ang mga artistang nine-name drop niya

  11. Wla n b xang ibang maipakita? kundi puro ganyan? O sadyang wla xang pwedeng ipakita! Curious lng aq!!!!!!!!!!!!

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