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Where’s McMeil Dennison?

No doubt this moreno hunk was the most daring member of Provoq-forebear, The Viva Hotmen. Cebu-native Mcmeil Dennison, who claims he’s half-Irish, is also the most toned guy in his batch – with 8-pack abs to boot. Prior to his Viva stint, McMeil was the product of several bikini contests such as Beach Bodies [winner] of IBC-13, Hunks and Babes in Bikinis Contest [winner], Mr. and Ms. Sexy Body [second place], and Manhunt-Philippines 2004 [3d RU]. During the CD launch of the Viva Hotmen’s first video at the Island Cove Resort in Cavite, McMeil tore his t-back bikini and threw it at the audience. His episode in the video was the most watched as he stayed under the waterfalls in flimsy white skivvies. Also, he did a homo-erotic male massage-in-the-shower scene with fellow member, Ethan Zulueta. Lustfully missed, where’s McMeil Dennison these days?
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  1. i saw him on tv and he has gained some weight but he was fully clothed so i don’t know if his body has gone to pot. he played a contravida on abs.

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