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Kirstey’s Alley

You may not recognize him now as an up-and-coming model. He’s pretty much gone mainstream. Kirstey Viray looked liked this four years ago, when he was competing in a bikini contest by the public pool in Sampaloc, Manila. He was already into that wet look, VPL thing before it became a fad (to get more winning votes) in the sleazefests. Hot, right?
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  1. He does not look like just any other mestizo or chinito out there, but I’m sure that he can definitely spice up any fashion shoot

  2. hay naku hindi ko bet ang mga models, karamihan dyan mga silahis! stick to basketball players na lang ako, para sure na straight.

  3. Oh my gosh. Super bait nyan. Di porket nagganyan na siya eh tulad na siya ng inaakala nyo. Wrong connections lang siya ng unang sabak. Pero ngyon hes an international model na and he’s walking for Canada Fashion Week for 2 consecutive years.

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