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“Sikil” approved without cuts by MTRCB!

The movie “Sikil” [Unspoken Passion] has been approved for showing without cuts. Starting 16 January at the Robinsons Galleria, moviegoers can now see the movie in its entirety – including all the sensitive scenes of the actors. Director Roni Bertubin’s “Sikil”, which is touted as a “love triangle with a twist,” is about a young closet gay prostitute who’s obsessed with a childhood friend, who is in turn, a rentboy with a girlfriend. It stars Will Sandejas and Ken Escudero [in photos].
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  1. may frontal but not with ken and will. but then it’s more than that… it’s really a must see and my bf went out of UP theatre teary eyed…

  2. i saw the film at the film spring festival. the film was really good though medyo mahaba and some editing would have made it even better. standout yung tatlong lead, lalo na si ken. there was one frontal nudity by an extra and some m2m kissing and romancing. bolder pa rin ang parola but i think this is a better film.

  3. i saw the movie at the palm spring festival. surprisingly the movie was very good, though too long. some editing would have made it even better. kudos to the three leads, specially ken. there is one frontal nudity and some m2m kisses and romances. not as bold or daring as parola but in my books, a better film.

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