Who is Oliver?

Will Sandejas [left] and Jam Melendez

[l-r: Jam Melendez, Will Sandejas, and Marvin Yap]
Dubbed as “the most controversial film of 2009” by its makers, Oliver … Kung Ako Ikaw stars Will Sandejas, Jam Melendez and Marvin Yap. It was initially billed as a story of a sensational  gay bar personality, and I’m thinking about a re-telling of the classic Nick de Ocampo movie Oliver – which was about a sex worker and entertainer who inserted a ball of thread up his ass and simulated a spider weaving a web on stage.  Let’s find out this February as I’m doubly excited what Jam Melendez and Marvin Yap are showing, too.  

19 thoughts on “Who is Oliver?”

  1. if my memory serves me right, jam is the half-brother of aiko melendez. jam’s father is jim melendez and his mother is deborah sun from the famous salvador clan of showbiz. i got this info about 2years ago from a tv newscast when deborah sun was released from the women’s correctional in mandaluyong.

    i hate to use the word, but he looks pathetic in this photo, if you ask me. his side of the salvadors (and melendez) seems to have fallen into bad luck.

  2. nuon ko pa type si marvin yap sa betty lafea. i had a hard on when i saw him here in a skimpy red brief with a “hard on”. that would make my week. RD hope you could post more pics of marvin. mahal ko na talaga sya. hihihi

  3. parang may mali… bakit ang puti ata ni will sandejas dito? i like him in his rugged dark-skinned look!

    either way, will is so hot! kargador ang dating, pero yung malinis na kargador! gulo ko ba?

  4. saw Nick De Ocampo’s Oliver when I was having my internship at MOWELFUND.

    Twas very disturbing and depressing.

    I wonder where in the world Oliver is at right now…

  5. As a student I was able to watch Oliver (it was actually more of a documentary). The character Oliver is actually an effeminate, but he is a macho dancer. We actually had a debate in class whether or not Oliver did the whole macho dancing thing (with the “big night” act of playing a spider with a white string coming out of his @ss) as a real job or a expression of pride on his “talent” or out of desperation.

    I hope this movie would be good.

  6. mukhang delicious yang marvin yap. lalaking lalaki pa coz of all that hair. please post more pics para mahusgahan na ng sangkabadingan kung truly delicious nga or not. heehee.

    pabook kaya sha? i wonder how much ang damage? kebs kay will kung pabook man sha, he’s not worth my hard earned money.

  7. i so like marvin yap………

    delicioso!!! hmm….. sarap papakin…

    hays!!! more pics of marvin yap pls…..

    and rd pwede ba i-feature mo ulet si alvin montano??? or another guy here from laguna…

  8. oh my! another indie film for the LGBT community… sana mapanood ko siya… sana off ko pag nag premiere siya… I wanna see the uncut version… hope it will still be in UP Cine Adarna…

  9. hi friends!…i have collections of sexy photos of Marvin Yap when he was introduced in indie movie “HADA”, don’tknow how to upload….he’s hotttttttttttt…

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