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The Amazing Gravity-Defying Bikini

At the recently-concluded Private Parts Wearables: All Out Fashion Show held at the Metro Bar in West Avenue, one model went through the rigorous and delicate task of wearing a wicked “bikini”. Such a daunting task, but the brave model, 6’2″-tall Zaldy Valerio aka Victor Valerio sauntered in easy fashion on stage, to the delight and amusement of the appreciative audience.
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  1. so yummy talaga! pero parang masakit sa ilalim… pero ayos yan ah, tapos sayaw sayaw pa sa harap mo ay sarap sungaban!

  2. wow, i had a mild hard on while figuring what’s inside that wicked bikini…this guy sure knows how to package his merchandise..semi erect kaya yan or in normal state? considering he is 6’2″ tall, his dingdong could be a 7-incher.

  3. this zaldy is an instant hit..pls post more fotos in different seductive bikinis or none at all! i hope i get hold of his digits and date him all night…hehe

  4. sana mapost din ang contact details nya..gosh, you are finger lickin’ good! at vavalik valikan pa kita. where can i find you?

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