Fallin’ for Alden

On the occasion of his 30th birthday, Alden Richards hands out a shirtless sexy gift for his social media. The world is all good and right, as the popular actor is giving us abs and then some. Maybe the management company has finally allowed him to go extra daring. Maybe there’s more this year?

75 thoughts on “Fallin’ for Alden”

      1. Bea Binene at Glaiza de Castro. Binawalan ng gma, masisira ang Maine-Alden. Pero talande yang si Maine, nakiharot kay Arjo Atayde na bi naman.

      1. Si Arjo Atayde may bahid iyon. Naka-secret noon si direk Eric Quizon. Kunsintidor pa si tita Sylvia para siya mabigyan ng assignments.

  1. Awesome!! My ever-favorite crushie and idol Alden in one of his sexiest photo shoots. He seems to be aging gracefully, and sexier. He is indeed the top male actor to beat.

  2. Alden suits only for the Puritan-minded people like Buhay Party list, anti a reproductive Health Bill advocates, anti-divorce people and homophobic people.

    1. Ano na namang kinalaman ng mga pa-woke terms mo dito sa pic? Dun ka sa twitter magkalat ng pseudo-intellectual kagaguhan mo, bruha!

      1. What did you say?! I cannot understand what did you say! That’s why I NEED NOT TO SPEAK ENGLISH TO ALL PEOPLE HERE! Betnechu håo Yanggen ti siña un komprendi håfa i sinangan-hu!

    1. For what? Stepping stone lang yun ng mga starlet at desperate move ng mga laos, Alden is currently on the peak of his career, no need for him to do that.

  3. I wish maging part siya ng bench body, go for underwear na Alden, it’s about time. Alis ka na sa boarwalk pls.

    1. Yup pwede silang mag partner ni Derrick for Bench body. Pareho silang naka brief habang nakayakap si Alden kay Derrick.

      Pasabog yun at insecure dun si Yaya Maine.

  4. I’m sure ready na ang Alden for m2m roles. Mageenjoy cya dun for sure. Pili lng cya sa sexy hunks ng gma like ruru, paul salas, derrick at rodjun.

  5. He is handsome. siempre, eepal yung mga Derrick Monasterio fans and connect the two. the actor and the starlet.

    1. Sus naman teng… matagal nang uso ang mga beard at mga front acts…
      Panahon pa ni mang kepweng eh ginagamit na ng mga PLU ang mga pepays.

  6. Not pleasing for me, he tries so hard to look manly. I am always reminded of his EB day being “pa-cute” which is too cringey for my taste. If the GMA Management decides to make him a star for a BL series with Derrick, then I’m down for it. For now, he is shelfed at the box of assumed PLUs for me.

      1. I agree, so I really can’t fathom why GMA is so gung-ho towards Alden so much. There are way better (if not, hotter) guys in their station than Alden.

  7. Wow may 4 packs na siya konti na lang chest, back, shoulder, tricep, bicep, forearms, traps, front/back delts, oblique, legs, at calves. Go go go.

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