Is This Coco?

Recently, photos of purported screenshots of Coco Martin in the Cannes-entry Serbis circulated in the worldwide web. This was supposed to be the scene where Coco is having discomfort while doing the deed with the lead actress because of the nasty boil on his buttocks. A friend who has the video of the Cannes version swears that there was no such scene where the penis of Coco was displayed for what seemed like eternity. Yet, the screen captures being posted around were generous in the dick shots, which had Coco in hard work with the woman. The video of Serbis where the sceencaps were ostensibly taken, was bought abroad as released by Fortissimo Films [the film distribution outfit that snagged the international rights to sell the movie].

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  1. oh my…may tinatago pla itong si coco martin…at ako’y naloloka. tayong tayo, namumutiktik pa sa ugat at kita mo ung ugong ng dugo sa shotoo…juice ko!!!

  2. This scene is true. I watched the movie Serbis here in Singapore with no cuts. I never thought that Singapore would allow such kind of movies to be shown here where frontal nudity exists. Remember, that Singapore is very strict to pornography. I just wonder this allow this to be shown whereas the movies Hostel and Borat where not shown here as they are banned due to explicit nudity.

  3. yes the scenes are accurate but these pictures were doctored. the cock(s) were added digitally. and the first two cocks are the same, the third cock is a different cock with warts.

  4. to anonymous poster 9:22 AM

    Ang talim naman ng mata mo at nakita mo pati kulugo sa uten ni coco.

    I-enjoy na lang natin ang picture kesehodang dinoctor o hindi.

  5. @ Alex: Singapore is not that strict, way back in the 90’s, mas grabe ang nudity sa movie na BUGIS STREET saka un mga spanish movies na pinalalabas nila sa Lido. Strict ang singapore sa rating, pag sinabing For Adults talagang For Adults. yun BORAT, wala naman kasing kwenta kaya mabuti na rin hindi ipalabas.

    @ Anonymous that saying retokado un pangatlong pix, i dont think so, kasi nga napanood ko un movie na walang cut at talagang yan ang nakita sa movie.

  6. I heard the DVD version of the movie “Serbis” will be release within this year, lets wish na wag umepal ang MTRCB at putol-putulin nanaman ito…
    Letche MTRCB na yan dapat pasabugin yan kasama ni Bong Revilla at Gloria mga epal…Shit!!!

  7. This is what was shown last year at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Rd, please post the two scenes of Kristoffer King- one peeing, the other having a real blowjob.

  8. Oh wow, I hope we do get to see the video of it!

    Coco should not have to be worried, he looks amazing 😀
    Sexy and magaling na actor pa!

  9. there is really a frontal in the international version.coco confirmed to this.kawawa naman sya.hay just waiting kung anong reaction nya about this.

  10. Yes the dick shot in the internation version is true.and he, himself confirmed it to us.anyway there was an issue about breach of trust regarding the said scene.kwawa naman c coco.just waiting what will be his reaction to this.

  11. u can download the french version sa mininova. i just finished watching it. and i can say sya yan talaga

  12. the third photo is obviously “digitally” altered. i don’t know with the first and second pics.

  13. WOOOHHHWW, if it is real the more I will fantasise about the lovable Coco.
    If he ever decides to be a porn star the vids would also sell very well,yummy talaga…elmer

  14. service (serbis) is again (still) making its festival rounds here in North America AND immediately after a festival screening, had a regular 1-week screening in an unpretentious artsy-fartsy cinema house. unfortunately, that week my city was deluged with rain everyday so i doubt if it made $$$.

    aahhh! i remember that scene and if i am not mistaken, Coco was visibly wearing a french skin, which did go along with the story. but wise Coco for his own personal safety opted to use it.

  15. oooh I just downloaded the movie…
    ano nmn itong cnsbe ng isang anonym jan na obviously digitally altered, sa isang film na gnyan ba eh lgyan mo pa ng special effects ang frontal shot…
    although it is possible for the use of prosthetic, which I doubt naman he used it.
    basta panalo yung scene…

  16. nakakaloka itoh… ito ang matagal na post na hinihintay ko… ang makita ang nota ng king of indie film…

    shet ang sarap talaga nya. at nagulat ako sa laki ng ari nya…

    sana makasex ko sya… kahit magkano…

  17. I think this is one of the very few films were the actor is really aroused in the screen, good for us right?!?

  18. nasa film nga yan, pero ang consensus sa foreign gay discussion boards ay prosthetic daw yan. actuallars sa pics, mukha ngang fake ang notes. mashadong makintab, parang may varnish. at notice nyo dun sa may root ng penis parang andun yung connection ng prosthetic sa skin (yung parang ring).

    at ang pagrereklamo ni coco na violation of trust chuva? tingin ko gimik lang yun. tingnan nyo wala nang nangyari sa kaso.

  19. Yes, Coco has a big Dick, thats a given thats why nga exclusive sya kay Direk Dante, alam nyo ba yan? Thats also one of the reasons why Coco is always in Direk Dante’s best projects. At saka dahil sa kalakihan ni Coco na ayaw ni Direk bitawan si Coco. They have an understanding na hindi magloloko si Coco sa bading, pero pwede sa babae! So mga nagsasabi na natiman nyo na si Coco, sana makidlatan kayo. Its never true and i can attest to that..Good evening to all

  20. thats fake…Those fake dicks are used here in Thailand by macho dancers…pinapasok lang yan sa nota nila..thats synthetic…soory to disappoint you guys..

  21. just watch the whole video… totoong totoo na nag exposed ng erected penis c coco sa uncut version nito.. walang daya at matagal.. plus kita rin dito cock ni kristopher king habang umiihi at may actual blow job scene sya sa isang negra… panalo c coco!!!

  22. ina-upload pa lang sa youtube… 1/11 to 4/11 pa nga lang yung andun…

    69WILDXDYOSA69 yung uploader…

  23. Na download ko rin. Sorry to disappoint mga bakla. FAKE. PROSTHETICS PO. tignan nyo base /beys/ ng tite, ung parang rubberband.

    Yung kay Kristofer King ang tunay.

  24. Pano naging doctored yung pics e screencaps nga tanga!! Bobita! Napanuod ko to sa New York uncut at yan mismo ang titi ni Coco na matigas at mataba at naka condom pa, ipinasok sa keps nung girl. Magmula ng napanuod ko yan lagi na lang laman ng isip ko si Coco, pati Tayong Dalawa pinatos ko makita lang siya..hayyyyy, swerte ng naka gets sa kanya!!

  25. kayo ang mga boba. obviousang hindi pa kayo nakakakita ng titi na may condom. mag pa HIV test na kayo mga bruha. hindi ganyang ang titi na may condom ok? prosthetic yan.

  26. just a simple question. bakit naman kc kailangan pa na prostetics? wala bang sariling ari si coco? ano ba ang pinagkaiba ng tunay sa ari eh pareho lang naman korteng titi. kung siguro ang inilagay na prostetics dyan ay titi nga pero kasing haba ng sitaw o hugis ampalaya maniniwala pa akong fake yan. pwera nlang kung kasing laki lang ng sa sanggol ang sandata nya pwede pa sigurong dayain.

  27. My two cents to this controversy is:

    I downloaded this uncensored version of SERBIS last week, and watched/analyzed this scene a few times and, from the looks of it, it’s possible, and highly probable, that they used prosthetics in this scene (like what was done for Pinoy actor Carlos Morales in the Filipino movie “Laro sa Baga”) to make it a realistic scene for Coco – to have an erection during sex, with the white stuff smudged around it probably suggesting to be semen that overflowed after his orgasm (remember, Coco and his girl have unprotected sex in the movie, which is why she became pregnant).

    Also, if you look very closely, there’s a thin white band attached at the base of the erected penis, possibly to hold the prosthetic around his true appendage.

    Moreover, the deliberatelness and care in which Coco tries to move from a missionary position to a slanted seated position kind of suggests that he is possibly “protecting” the prosthetic from being detached.

    I read about the controversy behind Coco Martin and his manager objecting, after-the-fact, to this full frontal scene, but the manner in which this sex scene was filmed seems to suggest that Coco (and the director, obviously) deliberately wanted to show his erected penis for the world to see and marvel at.

    Furthermore, the theory that he was using a condom in this scene is pretty much nullified by the premise that Coco and his girl have unprotected sex, as evidenced by the fact that he impregnated her in this movie.

    On the other hand, it’s also possible that it’s Coco’s actual erected cock that is in display, with the white elastic band at the base used to maintain its rigidity – kind of similar to what macho dancers use when they perform in strip clubs.

    Whether it is Coco’s real baloney or prosthetic, I applaud this scene for its intention to be realistic.

    Posted by:

  28. actually mukhang tunay kasi…pero wag na kayo magaway… yung kay Kris King tunay talaga..galing no… hot ni Kris King…hehhee

  29. kilala ko po ang prostetic artis na gumawa ng pigsa ni coco martin… at wala syang ginawag prostetic na nota ni coco… pigsa lang ang ginawa nya. period…

    totoo ang nota na nakita nyo…

    the question is my penetration bang naganap sa scene?

  30. ok naman si coco a.. aw.. totoo man yan o hindi, wala namang problma dun.. gwapo naman xa.. at magalign na aktor.. hehe.. go coco!! – bacolod.

  31. You know what, we should just give Coco Martin the benefit of the doubt na that is his own erect penis, and leave it at that.

    That way, tuloy ang pantasya nating lahat sa kanya, di ba!

  32. You know what, the damage has been done, as the uncensored version of SERBIS can now be accessed worldwide thru utorrent and several other sharing sites.

    So I think the best way for Coco Martin and company to handle this controversy is to just keep mum about it as much as possible, and let it die a natural death.

    Or if the media really pester him about this, sabihin na lang niya na siya nga yun at sarili niyang ari ang pinakita niya. Then let’s move on.

  33. Alam nyo, it just doesn’t make sense na gumamit sila ng prosthetic dito.

    Kasi, considering na one continuous long sequence yung entire sex scene (starts out with Mercedes sitting on top of Coco, then nagreverse sila into a missionary position, then katakot-takot na pumping pa na ginawa ni Coco on top of Mercedes) hanggang tumayo at umupo si Coco para i-examine yung kanyang pigsa – kung nakasuot ng prosthetic si Coco during this entire sequence, eh malamang natanggal na yun, di ba?

    So, based on this premisen, malamang tutuong nota nga ni Coco and pinakita dito. And, if that’s the case, ang talagang nakakagulat ay kung bakit may tamod na makikita sa kanyang nota after the sex scene – kind of implies that Coco really penetrated Mercedes and then achieved orgasm as a result. Oh, my God – and I think that is bound to be the real controversy in the long run, na nag-actual penetration si Coco kay Mercedes, di ba!

  34. prosthetic un. ginawan ng story ung pigsa para ganun ang gawin nyang upo para hindi masyadong halata ung prosthetic.

    kung tunay ung titi sana gumalaw man lang un or kumislot, hindi tatagal sa gnung form ang tunay na titi (sobrang tigas at malaki) sa loob ng 10 seconds.

    sasabihin na aksidente ung pagkakakuha eh 10 seconds tapos me dialogue pa.

  35. Ang pula-pula, ang laki-laki, ang taba-taba para sa aking tigang na bulaklak! Oh, coco, punthana mo ako dito sa Dubai and hurt me–again and again and again. Give kita discount (hindeeeh, free ko nga ibigay sa ‘yo) sa itinitinda ko dito. Ahahayahay, s-weet dreams ka talaga, coco-rocco-kuh! Paloma mo ‘ko, please!!!

  36. sa nagsabi na friend nya ung gumawa ng prosthetic na pigsa…nakakaloka ka…ha ha….masabi lang…pwede ko ring sabihing friend ko mismo si coco, at sinabi nya sa aking prosthetic lang tlg…

  37. napanood ko na po ang Serbis..totoo ito.fully captured to JPG…and clear inpection…nakasuot ng condom si CoCO..i close up nyong mabuti at makikita nyo yun rubber …kayo ang mag-judge…kailangan siguro magsuot..kasi baka labasan sya sa eksena..o dili kaya may actual penetration…Gogo Coco…Idol kita….

  38. napanood ko na po ang Serbis..totoo ito.fully captured to JPG…and clear inpection…nakasuot ng condom si CoCO..i close up nyong mabuti at makikita nyo yun rubber …kayo ang mag-judge…kailangan siguro magsuot..kasi baka labasan sya sa eksena..o dili kaya may actual penetration…Gogo Coco…Idol kita….


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